Reno - now retired - CH HGF Speckled Legacy Of Vegas CDX, RAE, HSAsd, HXAc, OTDcs, ATDd, HTDId, HTADIId, HRDIII, CGC, HIC, TDI

Defisja's Show Dogs

These members of our family are currently out and about, competing in various areas of dog sports - possibly conformation, obedience, rally, herding, agility, flyball, or whatever else strikes their fancy. The activities chosen and the level of competition achieved are based on each dog's aptitude and desire. If they enjoy the sport (whatever it is) and like to show, then we try to find the time and money to keep them out and about and having fun. We believe that cattle dogs have the ability to be the ultimate "do it all" dogs, as exemplified by Reno (left) and Red (right), who are now retired but cheering along their kids and other family members.

Red - now retired - CH Defisja's Jazzy Red Legacy CDX, RAE, HSAsd, HXAc, PTc, OTDcsd, JHD, HRDIII, CGC, HIC, TDI



CH Defisja's Ponderosa Legacy CD, RN, NA, NAJ, PT, CGC, HIC

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Our Show Dogs
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Our Rescues/Mixes

Our Extended ACD Family


CH Katwala's Duchess of Defisja CD, RN, HSAs, STDs, JHD, CGC, HIC, TDI, ROM

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CH Defisja's Matador Legacy RA, CGC, HIC

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ACD Clubs & Links



CH Defisja's Magic Titan Legacy CD, RA, STDc, CGC, HIC

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Defisja's RR Laird Kyle CD, RE, NAJ, HSAs, STDc, HTADIs, HRDI, RLFI, CGC, HIC

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CH Defisja's RR Father Ryan RN, JHD, CGC, HIC

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Defisja's RR Red Spur CGC, HIC

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Defisja's RR Trooper Thornton

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Defisja's RR Pretty In Pink CD, RA, NA, NAJ, HSAsd, HTADIsdc, HRDI, CGC, HIC

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Defisja's RR Conor McCloud RN, HIC

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Defisja's RR Cuttin' A Shine RA, NAJ, CGC

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Katwala's Royal Sierra of Defisja

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Katwala's Royal Carson of Defisja CGC

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