Defisja's Retired Dogs

These members of our family have been retired from the world of dog sports. They now hang around the house, chew bones, play with toys, act goofy when they feel like it, or act grouchy and boss around the younger members of the pack when they feel like that instead. Occassionally they come out and play "veteran" at specialties or they come do special chores with the livestock that require a dog with special talent or finesse that those young whippersnappers just can't do. Otherwise they enjoy a life of ease, being rotten and resting on their laurels.




CH Briarmoor's Divine Miss M CD, RN, HSAs, CGC, HIC

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CH HGF Speckled Legacy Of Vegas CDX, RAE, HSAsd, HXAc, OTDcs, ATDd, HTDId, HTADIId, HRDIII, CGC, HIC, TDI

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CH Defisja's Jazzy Red Legacy CDX, RAE, HSAsd, HXAc, PTc, OTDcsd, JHD, HRDIII, CGC, HIC, TDI, ROM

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"Blue Jeans"

CH Phantm CRK Forer 'N Blue Jeans RN PT CGC HIC

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Defisja's Sure Shot Legacy CGC, HIC

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CH Defisja's Double Shot Legacy CD, RE, HXAc, HSAsd, ATDc, OTDd, STDs, JHD, HRDII, CGC, HIC, TDI

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Last Updated On: September 12, 2009