Defisja's Extended ACD Family

These members of our family actually live in the homes of other ACD fanciers. However, they are co-owned and/or bred by Defisja and, as such, are part of our extended family. We are happy and thankful that these dogs have found the wonderful, loving homes that they have. On behalf of the doggies who are so well loved - "Thank You and a million cattle dogs kisses" to those who love them and give them safe, happy, and forever homes.




CH Defisja's Wild Apache Legacy HIC

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Glendhenmere HGF Linus

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Defisja's Jazzy Koala Bear

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Defisja's Renegade Romeo Legacy RA

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Defisja's Honey Bear Legacy

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CH Defisja's JaxRWild Legacy CD RE PT STDc CGC HIC

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CH Defisja's Myrtle Beach Legacy CGC HIC

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Defisja's Eze Gilley Legacy

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Defisja's Reese Legacy

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Dry Creek Strike the Gold

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Defisja's RR Cow TipNGal RE, NA, NAJ, CGC, HIC

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CH Defisja's RR Royal Redneck CD, RE, HSAs, PT, STDs, HTADIs,

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Last Updated On: January 3, 2010